Rogier Trimpe

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Novalife NLP Opleidingen

For Novalife I made an online educational environment for real-life students to sign up and download their course materials. The entire platform is a customized version of a WordPress theme, aimed at making it as easy...

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Over the past 5 years our team has been working together on video interaction on the web. That work has finally culminated in a product called Interactly. Interactly is an online application that enables...

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Running for the World Cancer Research Fund

By pure chance, I was asked to run for the World Cancer Research Fund and I decided to go for it. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I couldn’t really say no...

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Bill Vick Interview

  Check out the interview:

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After some frustrations with images not being sufficiently readable, I realized that there must be a better way for designers and webdevelopers to test this. The result of that thought can be found at...

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Facebook Timeline Resume Template Word

Recently I made a Facebook Timeline CV entirely in Microsoft Word together with Gitta Durst. I figured I’d share that now, because it’s the easiest way for a non-graphic designer to get started with...

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New VideoView animation

I made this animation from top to bottom during my 2 weeks off. The story board, the animation, the audio, everything was produced by me.

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Interesting Calendars

About a year ago Google removed the Interesting Calendars feature from their calendar app, so figured it might be worth it to handle that in a completely different approach. With about 1 night’s work,...